Effect of a guiding program on Eliminating Poet Students the Nergisic in the College of Education


This research investigates the impact a guiding program on Eliminating Poet student’s nergisic in the College of Education. The sample includes (14) poet students from the third year, Geography Department, college of Education, university of Mosul. These students have nergisic characteristis according to poet nergisic scale ; their scores on the poet energetic scale have been computed as per-test scores. The subjects of the sample have been divided into two groups. Students in the first group (experimental) have the chance of training on mental and emotional cure, while the (control) group don’t have any training. Using wilcoxon test for two correlated groups and man-Whitney test for two independent samples, the results showed significant statistical difference for the benepit of the experimental group on (0.05) level of significance since the students trained on counseling way. In the light of the results, some recommendations and suggestions have been presented.


Poet, Students