The Effect of Support Style on Reducing Audience Anxiety of Intermediate Students


Audience anxiety is considered an undesirable social and psychological characteristic as it stands for one of the problems which hinders the communication process between the individual and the others. Persons who suffer from audience anxiety have no ability to speak or perform before the others and avoid the participation in the social activities with a tendency to introversion that leads to reducing their innovative and productive capacities. So, the research aimed at identifying the influences of support style on decreasing audience anxiety through several zero hypotheses which indicate that there are no statistically-significant differences between the ranks of the experimental groups and the ranks of the control group the audience anxiety scale after applying the aforementioned techniques. To accomplish the objective of the research an audience anxiety scale was built and it consisted of (25) paragraphs after completing the conditions of validity, stability, and the ability to distinguish. Also, guide programs were built and each of them consisted of (10) guide sessions using the techniques of "support". The techniques are related to the personality structures of the scientist "Kelly". The program were demonstrated including the needs, goals, and the activities they include to the experts who concluded the validity of the program for the research. Then, a sample of (20) students who were randomly chosen from the research population (represented by the students of the intermediate grade in Kirkuk). The sample was divided into two groups; one of them are experimental and the other control group.The researcher used several statistical tools including: Crosscal and Alice test, K2, T test, Pearson correlation coefficient, coefficient, Wilcoxin test and Man Whitney test. After applying the program on the experimental group, the results showed a statistically significant differences between the ranks of the two experimental groups marks with the ranks of the control group marks on the scale of audience anxiety The research was concluded with several recommendations including: the necessity of the role of the family to teach children how to speak and perform before the others (audience) and supporting them while doing that, and avoiding punishing them or mocking them while there is audience. The research also presented several suggestions. Most prominent of which are: the necessity of conducting a study to identify the impact of support and on dealing with other problems and also conducting a study to identify the impact of other didactic techniques that are important in decreasing the audience anxiety.


Support, Style