Epidemiological study of hypertensive cases among teaching staffs in kirkuk university


This is a Cross-Sectional study done in Kirkuk city among teaching staff of Kirkuk University for the prevalence of hypertension among them. About 136 subjects selected randomly within all colleges (6 Colleges) during the period 1 January to 31 March 2009. The results of the study found that 22(16,2%) subject were hypertensive that discovered accidentally, about 22,5% of sample study were systolic hypertensive and 18,9% of them were diastolic hypertensive , Among the male subject . The prevalence of hypertension was increased as age and body mass index of the subject increased. About 20,7% male subjects were smoker. The study recommended that there is great need for the teaching staff to reduce their weight, prohibited smoking and to check their blood pressure routinely and periodically.