Effects of lead and Zenic on Scenedesmus quadricaudaVar. longispina algae


The study includs,effect of concentration of Lead 0.2 ,0.3 , 0.5, 5 , 10 mg/L and Zinc 0.1,0.5 , 2 , 4 , 8 mg/L lonely or to gether on growth green algae( Scenedesmus quadricauda var . longispina) according to the total qauntity for the cells and the adsorption of the algae to the zn,pb concentration .growth curve and dubbling time growth were calculated with or without there heavy metals . Results shows that there are significant differences (P<0.01) for growth curve and the control. (7.5201 cell /h)and with dubbling times (9.87 cell/h). The heavy metals(Pb, Zn). shows antagonistic effect when both used in media.