Mobile radio propagation path loss simulation for two districts of different buildings structures in Mosul-city


In this paper two theoretical models have beenconsidered for the prediction of path loss for two differentdistricts in Mosul city, using MATLAB 7.4 program. TheWalfisch-Ikegami (W-I) model for uniform heights and similarbuildings in the Karama district . The other model isOkumura-Hata (OH) model applied for irregular anddissimilar buildings in the Almajmoa'a district. Theinformation buildings heights are obtained from the civil Eng.Depart. in Mosul university. In this paper it can be shown thatThe effect of distance in regular area (karama) on path loss isabout 10 dB larger than irregular area (Almajmoa'a), and Theeffect of varying antenna height in regular area (karama) onpath loss is about 7 dB greater than irregular area(Almajmoa'a) for 40 meter variation.