The effect of canal size on the penetration depth of endodontic irrigants


Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of canal size change on the penetration level of endodontic irrigant solution. Materials and Method: Five canals of different sizes (20, 25, 30, 35 and 40) were tested by preparing Class I cavity in the apex. Paper point was placed in this cavity and sealed 4 mm by sticky wax. Irrigation was done by methylene blue solution 15 times for each canal size, then the paper point piece examined under stereomicroscope for discoloration and wetness. Results: The irrigant solution was penetrated up to the apical area of the all canal sizes in the all 15 irrigation trials. The volume of fluid, the degree of fairing, the use of apical patency files, and the needle depth were the other different factors improving penetration depth of irrigating solution. Conclusions: There was no effect of canalsize on the penetration level of the endodontic irrigant.