The Role of Jewish Philosophy in Developing the Concept of Divinity


Abstract This study deals with the concept of divinity in Judaism and how this concept evolved and graduated by taking up and analyzing the old Testament (Torah) texts showing up their written down defects that came for accusing the Torah to be to much daring on God due to texts bear a resemblance for the Creator with Creature in qualities and passions in such away that doesn’t fit to the supreme status of divinity.Also, this study explores the contribution degree of the Jewish Philosophy raised up in an Islamic environment of thought and culture in developing the divinity notion among Jews. Such exploration would drive those accusations away from al-torah and restore its sanctity by removing the unclearness and setting up new reading for the Torah that harmonize with the completeness and lustiness of divinity. The Jewish philosopher Musa Bin Memon was the sample of this study for his answers and thoughts in his book (Dalalet al-Ha'ereen) (=the Guide of the Visitants) in which he used the method of metaphor and interpretation in order to avoid the superficial meaning of the Torah's texts sounding their hidden features so that he can reach the real meaning by which he contributed in a way or another in correcting and developing the concept of divinity among Jews.