Conflict of laws in matters of physical money (comparative study)


Abstract:-The legal and the economic relations have not any longer become the central part in the territory of a single state and be characterized with what it is characterized with of a complexity for nation and individuals resort to within the frame of practicing its commercial and economic activity to some legal proceedings which entail legal rights for its parties let alone that such proceedings create significant impacts in international relations due to how the foreign element marks the application of the local law futile in every respect , Despite the theoretical importance of the law limitation topic which must be applied to contractual relations.The study tackles the issue of law conflict in terms of cash with all the related vestiges . The study discuses this subject within the scope of tow section ; the first deals with the law enforcement on real estate and the most important challenges that face the rule of applying the location law. The second section is allocated to the study of the ruling law of the mobile material wherein the jurisprudential approaches that adopted the outlining of that prerequisite law and the outlining of the scope of its application.