Serotyping and Biotyping of Haemophilus influenzae Which Isolated from Patients and Carrier in Mosul City


Isolation and identification of bacteria Haemophilus influenzae were done from 286 bacteria cultures of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) from patients and from 1420 randomly collected carrier samples including 710 samples of each of nasopharynx throat children of both sex with age between after birth - 12 years in Mosul city.Isolation and identification of bacteria Hi were done by using morphological, cultural and biochemical tests Differentiation between capsulated and non- capsulated strains also were done. Then all isolates were identified with respect of serotyping to determine serotype b in both infection and carrier isolates. As well as biotyping of all isolates were done to determine predominant biotypes within all NCHi and CHi strains.The results showed that 41 CSF bacteria cultures were positive, from those 63.4 % were H. influenzae while the positive isolates from carrier samples were 387 (27.3 %) from these 206 were nasopharynx isolates and 181 were throat isolates. The results also showed that percent of CHi strains from infection and carrier isolates were 100 and 40.8 %.Serotyping results pointed out that all of infection isolates were returned to serotype b, while 39.5 % of Hi carrier isolates were serotype .The results of biotyping indicated that biotype I was predominant with 88.5 % in infection isolates, while biotypes II and I and were more frequent in carrier isolates with 25.9 and 25.3 % respectively. As well as the results indicated that biotype I was predominant in CHi strain while biotype II was more frequent in NCHi strains.