Effective Classroom Management Standards from the Viewpoint of Educational Colleges Teachers


Abstract A goal of this research is to build standards for the management class effective from the viewpoint of teachers of education colleges and then show whether there are statistically significant differences on the importance of the standards among education colleges teachers according to a changing work site. For the purpose of achieving the goals of the search tool designed built standards adoption method combination of literature in the area of research and between the sample responses within a reconnaissance study. The sample of research included on (140) teaching them (60) teachers at the Education college in Maysan University, and (55) teachers in the basic education college at the University Maysan, and (25) teachers in the college of Physical Education at the University of Maysan, the search tool was questionnaire has offered to the scientific procedures known to find validity to the test, and for the purpose of the reliability of the stability of the instrument adopted researcher way analysis of variance using the equation of kuder Richardson hitting consistency coefficient (0.86), having been dealt a statistical and data analysis results has been built (40) a standard of management Effective classroom, with an emphasis on the importance of standards by the study sample and, the search was left a set of recommendations, foremost of which emphasize the theme of the management of the classroom management of class with some suggestions that integrate with the question of which was the need for a joint study between the colleges of education in Iraqi universities for the purpose of building standards effective