Invitrogenesis of Renal Struvite Stone


The study aimed designation of a continuous culture of P. mirabilis which isolated from urine of patients with renal stones and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) by using artificial urine and similar conditions to that of human urinary system, the bacteriaum exhibit ability to form struvite stone crystals. Then a number of chemical tests were done on a precipitate that formed and the results showed that it consists of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus in addition to investigation on bacteria in it. The effects of alkaline, acid and neutral materials were studied, the preciptates were soluble in acidic and neutral solutions but not in alkaline. A comparison was carried out on the quantity of preciptate with time and the ability of bacteria to stimulate crystallization in surplus urine from the continuous culture was tested in different pH values, the quantity of crystals formed depend on calcium and magenisium concentrations in urine.