Isolation and Identification of Plesiomonas Shigelloides and Study of Its Physiological Characteristics, Sensitivity of Antibiotics and Identifying Key


In an attempt to isolate Plesiomonas shigelliodes a total of 257 various specimens were collected. These includes 127 diarrhoeal stools, 50 sewage water, 50 tap water and 30 appendices. A total of 28 isolates of this bacteria were identified. The numbers of isolates and their percentages were 21 (16.5 %) in diarrhoeal specimens, 5 (5.1 %) from sewage water and 2 (6.7 %) from appendices. Other specimens were negative for this bacteria. The isolates were characterized by using standard identification tests and were found to be all cytochrome - oxidase positive, motile, inositol fermenters and glucose oxidizing – fermenting and able of decarboxylation of amino acids. However, the isolates were negative to esculin, sheep blood haemolysis and production of Gelatinase, Lipase, DNase and Urease. They were ß- Lactamase positive. But sensitive to Gentamycin, Nalidixic acid and Ciprofloxacin. Through the project a most suitable transport and isolation media and flow sheet for the identification were suggested .