The Role of the Value Engineering in the Advancement of Application of the Total Quality Management And Achieve Competitive Advanced for Economic Entities


There is an important role for the modern Costs styles and Managements in reducing Costs and Creating a kind of change towards a product with high quality and which specify characteristic connotation the customers satisfaction. Among these styles, the Value Engineering (VE) and Total Quality Management( TQM). Completeness must be obtained between these two styles the research identify this goal throughout finding out the relations between the since they are regarded as the elements of success for every firm or economic entity , and they work together to reduce Costs and increase the product quality, a matter that leads to customers satisfaction. Depending on the actual information of the General State for Leather Industry, which be larges to Ministry of Industry and Minerals, in 2008, the practical part of the study has been clarified. It has also been found that the (TQM) has the ability to create a competitive criterion represented by the quality of process and activities as a basis for getting products of high quality. The (VE) style is searching for reducing costs but with keeping the job and quality of the product. Consequently, the (VE) has kept the competition value for economic units on which it depends. Besides, it advances the constituents through creation and ingenuity for new alternatives which is considered one of the important constituents for (TQM) which seeks for achieving the customers content and achieving his anticipation and aspiration.