A Comparative study of self-Alienation phenomenon between first and fourth grade students at the college of physical education


1. Recognizing to the phenomenon of the self Alienation for both first and fourth grade in the college of physical education at university of mosul.2. Comparing between the students of the first and the fourth grade in self-alienation.The sample was chosen regularly in organized randomly way by choosing (10) student from each class of booth first and fourth grade. To reach the total number of the sample which are (160) students .divided in to tow classes,(8) for the first grade and (8) from the last grade to achieve the aims of this research, the scale of the self alienation have been used for (zabe and all saud edition 2008) after altering in to be fit to the research sample and making sure its fact objectivity. The data processed statistically by using (t-test) for one sample and (t-test) for tow independent samples and the average suggestion Then the researchers concluded the following :1.The scale of self-alienation has been adapted to be fit to the students of Physical Education College in mosul university.2.Non of the first grade student nor fourth grade student are suffering of the self-alienation.3.There are no moral differences between first and fourth grade student in the self-alienation, (none standardizing, inability and meaningless)4.. In amoral, differences fourth grade students feel isolated in with first grade students.


self, Alienation