Trade and its significance in holy quran


The main pivot of economy is commerce on which reciprocity between people and the continuity of life- in general – depend.In the past, during the days of Ignorance( ), Arab used to hold several markets like Okath, Mujnah and Thou Al-Majaz. Also, Quraish had two annual journeys, one in the winter to Yemen because it was warmer, and the second in the summer to Greater Syria. Because of these two journeys, ALLAH had blessed the people from Quraish with feeding them against hunger and also with giving them security against fear.This research discusses the verses on commerce mentioned in nine positions in the Holy Quran. Moreover, the research shows its importance as the best way to earn one's livelihood in order to keep one's dignity away from begging or humiliation. As shown in the research, there are two kinds of commerce: The first: the figurative commerce, which is with ALLAH, and which means striving in the cause of ALLAH with one's wealth and person. The second: the real concept of commerce, which means dealing with people to buy and sell goods for profit.The winning commerce that leads to the rescue from torture in the Justice Day is the true belief in ALLAH and HIS Messenger and jihad for HIS sake.Furthermore, the research explains the importance of Islam in the economical, political, judicial and other aspects of Muslim life to organize the way they deal with ALLAH and with people.