Status of Total L-Carnitine Level in the Seminal Plasma of Iraqi Infertile and Fertile Men: Correlation Study with Semen Quality


ABSRACT:BACKGROUND:Carnitine is highly concentrated in the epididymis and Spermatozoa, where it may serve as an intramitochondrial vehicle for theAcyl group, a substrate of energy production. This study is aimed to determine any correlation between male infertility and semen quality with Concentration of L- carnitine in human seminal plasma.OBJECTIVE:This case-control study performed at the Institute of Embryo Research and Infertility, University of Al-Naharin, Baghdad. Semen samples of 40 infertile men (azoospermia, n=12, oligoasthenozoospermia, n=16, teratozoospermia, n=12) and 12 fertile men controls were collected.METHODS:The level of total L- carnitine in seminal plasma was determined by high performance liquid chromatography and the results correlated with sperm parameters as sperm count, motility and morphology.RESULTS:The level of L-carnitine was significantly reduced in infertile male groups; azoospermia, oligoasthenozoospermia and teratozoospermia in comparison with that of fertile male controls (P< 0.045, P< 0.023 and P< 0.04; respectively). There was a borderline significant positive correlation between the seminal L-carnitine and the sperm count in fertile group(r=0.63, P< 0.51).CONCLUSION:The results of this study indicated the significance of determination of seminal plasma L-carnitine in evaluation of infertility in men and the importance of recognition of those infertile male who are benefit from administration of carnitine supplement.