The origins of the historical apeal to approximate between religions and its fact for the jewish


The Historical Origins of Approximation Invitation among Religions and its True Nature for the JewsOne of the objectives of this research paper is to tackle the real hidden reasons behind freeing the Jews from cultural isolation. One phase of this openness and liberation is their adoption of the approximation invitation amongst religions. The paper consists of an introduction, preface and three sections. The preface defines this invitation and identifies its most important thought characteristics. The first section is devoted to tracing the historical origins of this invitation, while the second section is devoted to explore the historical origins of the approximation invitation for the Jews. The third section talks about the true nature of this invitation for the Jews and its implications. The researcher could arrive at many results, the most important of which are:1.The term approximation does not carry a specific connotation. 2.The approximation invitation among religions has passed through various historical stages before reaching the active prevailing form in the second half of the nineteenth century. Recently, it has acquired new meanings , objectives and various means to become one of the distinctive features of this historical era. 3.The Jews have never experienced any tendency towards approximation with other religions due to their deep rooted pride and disdain of others and because they believe in doctrine of the promised land or "the chosen nation by God" . Nevertheless, they called for this nation through the vicious Masonism movement as well as other destructive thoughts in order to dissociate other religions ties and destroy other religions 4.The Jews and their, malice and cunning, and because of their wide mass media effects, can exploit the approximation issue among religions and dialogue with Muslims in a vicious way to achieve their racist interests.