Changes in Personality and Mood profile of Women with Toxoplasmosis


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Acquired T. gondii infection of immunocompetent patients may cause central nervous system manifestations (Gullain-Bare syndrome or brain abscess) and may be associated with psychiatric manifestation. Iraq is highly endemic with T. gondii, however, publications on psychiatric manifestation of T. gondii infection are scarce. OBJECTIVE: To demonstrate psychiatric manjfestations in women with Toxoplasmosis. METHODS: A total of 68 toxoplasma positive pregnant women and 68 toxoplasma negative pregnant women were included in this study. It was conducted for the period of 5th Aug. 2008 to 28th Feb. 2009. ELISA was used to diagnose T. gondii. Questionnaire was used to diagnose personality type and depression was used. The diagnosis was according to ICD10 and DSM-IV. RESULTS: Rates of pseudpsychopathic and limbic personality epilepsy syndrome were significantly high among toxoplasmosis positive pregnant women. Significant high rate of depression was associated with acquired T. gonii infection. CONCLUSION: These findings might provide evidence supporting role of T. gondii infection in the onset of some behavioral disorders.