Neonatal Deaths in Neonatal Care Unit and Surgical Ward of Children Welfare Teaching Hospital – Medical City - Baghdad (2005-2009)


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Neonatal deaths in Iraq account for more than half of under-five children deaths. The rates vary according to causative factors in each area of the world.OBJECTIVE:To have an idea about death rates and major causes of neonatal death in Children Welfare Teaching Hospital(CWTH), Medical City ,Baghdad .PATIENTS & METHODS:The medical records of 1074 neonatal deaths in Neonatal Care Unit(NCU)& surgical unit from 2005-2009 in Children Welfare Teaching Hospital, Baghdad , were studied retrospectively, especially for the cause of death as registered in the files.RESULTS:Neonatal deaths relative to admission (15.1%) distributed between Neonatal Care Unit & surgical ward into (11.38%) & (25.5%) respectively. Of 1074 total neonatal deaths, males were 653 (60.8%), 421 (39.2%) were females. Male to female ratio was 1:6. Major causes of death were: congenital anomalies (53.2%), respiratory problems (20%) & neonatal infections (14%).CONCLUSION:The results of this study indicate that neonatal death rates are still high, with congenital anomalies being the most common . More researches are needed to know the causes and the need for improvement in neonatal care services