Development and Strength Properties of PP/PA6/RED Kaoline and PP/PA6/ Bentonite Blends


In the present work a new type of composite material has been preparedfrom mixing of polypropylene and polyamide 6 at constant ratio (80/20)] andadding different weight percent (0, 5,10,15)% of both local bentonite and redkaoline fillers respectively by using single screw extruder .Some of mechanicalproperties such as tensile strength (Young modulus) tensile at fracture andelongation of filled and unfilled PP/PN6 blends were determined at differenttemperatures, and different weight percent of filler. Addition of filler increases theYoung modulus and tensile strength at break. Bentonite filler gives bettermechanical properties, than red kaoline fillers. Also empirical equations wereobtained which could be utilizing to calculate one of the mechanical properties interm of temperatures and weight fraction of filler content. An equation wasproposed to show the best fit with experimental data, relevant contour diagrams,for optimization of properties is also presented.