Single Vs Combined Therapy in the Treatment of Enuretic Children in Kirkuk District


This is a prospective study done in urology polyclinic of Azadi teaching hospital in Kirkuk governorate from 1st of April 2009 to 1st December 2009. The study involved 75 patients complaining from enuresis and does not respond to non pharmacological treatment. The results of the study showed a higher rate of enuresis in males 45 (60%) than females 30(40%), the peak age incidence 11- 13 years (37.3 %).Regarding treatment the study showed that children received combination treatment (Imipramine and Oxybutenine) has a better response rate (84.8 %) with fewer relapse rate (15.6 %) after discontinuation of treatment than children received Imipramine alone in which the response rate where (73.3%) and relapse rate (26.7%).The study recommend combination treatment as a safe and effective treatment for children who didn’t respond to single drug therapy.