Fuzzy Self Tuning Of Dc Position Control Based On Labview


AbstractThis paper investigates the effect of quantization gain factors, at the input side, and the scaling gain, at the output side, of a fuzzy controller. A fuzzy control system is designed with two main parts: a basic fuzzy controller (BFC) which produces the output control signal and supervisor fuzzy controllers (SFCs) to continuously adjust, on-line, the I/O scaling or gain factors of the (BFC) in order to improve its performance against different dynamic operating conditions. The designed self tuning controller is used to position control of a DC motor with un known parameters according to the feed back inputs, a tracking error (e) and change of error (Δe), based on the proposed fuzzy rules. The system implementation and tests are carried out using LabVIEW software ( V8.2 ) with a data acquisition card type (NI PCI-6251) from National Semiconductors to achieve real time measurements. Keywords: self-tuning, fuzzy controller, position control, scaling gain, LabVIEW .