Albumin preparation and study of mullet fish chemical composition and functional properties


Has been studied the chemical composition of fish mullet, it was observed that the percentage of protein, moisture, fat, Alrme which was 18.7%, 76.6%, 2.9%, 1.5%, respectively, and then used these fish for the preparation of albumin fish, using concentrations diluted from acetic acid, and RPR albumin record its content protein of higher 87.23%, moisture 5.91%, ash 4.09% and low-fat 1.33%, as well as it contains a high content of mineral salts (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, low-zinc) was also noted that the albumin record has the properties of functional good Kalqapelet solubility and water absorption and linking fat and emulsifying and foam formation and Thbatiha addition to his wife the high heat decreases with increasing degrees, while its ability to form gels were few