The Effect Of A Variable Percentage Of Limestone Filler On Some Mechanical Properties Of Self-Compacting Concrete


Abstract The first aim of this experimental program is to produce and evaluate Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC); the second aim is to replace part of cement by predetermined percentages of limestone powder CaCo3 (LSP) to find out the effect of a variable percentage of LSP on some mechanical properties of SCC. The study also takes into account the difference between using the LSP as a replacement or as an additive of cement to the mix. Six concrete mixes were prepared. The first one was without LSP (0%), second, third and fourth ones contained LSP as percentage replacement of cement in the order of 20,30,40% respectively, fifth and sixth mixes contained 20,30% LSP but as an additive to the cement. Results showed that using LSP as replacement of cement led to the production of SCC. Using LSP as replacement also led to economical advantages due to the decrease in plasticizer content, with no noticeable differences in mechanical properties of SCC, but causing a fluidity increase of SCC when using LSP as an additive.Key words: Concrete mechanical Strength, Limestone Filler, Self-Compacting Concrete.