Spatial Configuration properties of Islamic Palaces


In recent years, trends focusing on exploration the architectural identity through the study of the domestic architecture properties, have emerged in order to find an appropriate architecture therefore many studies have recently talked this topic including Arabic – Islamic societies . some of them have focused on studying the compositional relation of architectural products . others have focused on studying limited properties and phenomena and others , including this paper , have focused on studying the properties of specific buildings (Islamic palaces) for limited design aspects (architectural palaces) in the Islamic architecture . The literature review of the concept of Special Configuration in Islamic building shows the absence of the clear and specific limitation of the properties of the special Configuration of the Islamic buildings . the paper has taken this problem to be the problem of the research . The aim of the research is to give a clear and specific limitation of the properties of the Special Configuration of the Islamic palaces by comparing them with their counterpart in the palaces of Mesopotamia and the adjacent regions . Space Syntax analysis has been applied to assess the characteristic of the building type . The conclusion solved that there is clear idiosyncrasy of the Special Configuration of Islamic palaces due to the effect of Islamic belief . Some of these palaces have similar properties of these of Mesopotamia because of social values , others because of the environmental effect . Keyword : Islamic architecture , palaces , spatial configuration