Attitudes toward the Arab management culture of quality and distinction


Reflect developments in the world, positive and negative effects on the Arab world and as far as the universe there is political stability, economic and cultural be directed departments of Arabic to take advantage of the positive effects and avoid the negative effects and therefore tried many Arab countries and in line with developments in, because there is known variation in many aspects of economic life, social, cultural, and commensurate with this variance are degrees of benefit as some of the Arab states tried and continues to behave the same taken by developed countries and reached the advanced stages of development in different areas and areas that have become a matter of governments and business organizations both in the public or private is the subject of quality and total quality management and varies directed organizations and their use of methods of quality management from one organization to another depending on experience and capabilities provided by frameworks, technical and administrative efficient, but all business organizations have the desire to complete that apply quality and take all the details and methods of total quality management, but may Unavailable to have the resources and capacity to enter into a total quality management as well as it needs to support and backing of senior management and requires faith in these departments the subject of quality and total quality and excellence, as without it can not be any organization that is working on the application of quality principles without attribution and to create all the tools and methods that used for the completion of this activity, which became the hallmark of business organizations in different economic activities and the contribution of this research comes at modest way