Isolation and Identification of Clostridium Difficile from Patients with Colitis and Diarrhae in Ninevah Governorate


We report the isolation and identification of Clostridium difficile from infants having watery diarrhae at ages from after birth to 2 years old during the period from 5 to 12 days according to the clinical diagnosis and from colitis and diarrhoael cases caused by using antibiotics. Morphological and biochemical tests were used for the identification of this bacterium .The isolation percent from infantile watery diarrhea was 17.3 % while it form 32 % and 68 % from diarrhea and colitis cases in adult respectively. In studying the effect of age on its isolation percent from infantile diarrhea, it was found that this percent increased with age it formed higher isolation percentage in 18-24 month ages while it could not be isolated from after birth to 6 months infants.