Flexural Behavior Of R/C Beams With Externally Bonded Gfrp Sheets


AbstractDuring the latest decades there has been a significant increase in using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers) as a main material for external reinforcement in the construction industry.Externally bonded FRP sheets have been used to increase moment capacity of flexural members and to improve confinement in compression members. This paper summarizes the result of experimental and analytical studies on the flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams by external bonding of glass fiber reinforced polymer sheets to the tension face of the beam. Four beams, three with different thickness of GFRP sheets and one without GFRP sheets were tested using third-point loading over a span of 900mm.The tests were carried out under load control. The results indicate that the flexural strength of the beams increased significantly as the thickness of the sheet increased. Analytical study using a computer program based on strain compatibility is presented to predict the ultimate strength and load-deflection behavior of the beams. When the experimental results were compared with theoretical ones, good acceptable agreement was obtained which make it possible to consider and recommended this model in the design. Keyword: Analytical Study, Flexural Behavior, GFRPSheets, Strengthening.