Study of Conveniency of Using Stepped Spillway in Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (RCCD)


A suggested design of Bastora stepped spillway has been taken as a prototype to build a physical wooden model with scale of 1:20 (Lm/Lp). Experiments have been carried out on the model with slope of upward inclined steps of 420, 280, 140 and 00. For every slope of the steps, experiments were conducted in three flow regimes, nappe, transition, and skimming. As observed in experiments, the increase in the slope of steps has no significant effect on the flow behaviour over stepped spillway. The hydraulic depths of flow over the model were measured and the energy dissipation rate was calculated. Results show that the energy dissipation decreases with increasing the discharge, and the energy dissipation of flow on stepped spillways with upward inclinedsteps is more than on the horizontal stepped spillways, it increases with increasing the adverse slope of steps.