Study the effect of Antibiotics on pyocyanin production from Pseudomonas aeruginosa and pyocyanin as Antibiotic against different pathogenic bacteria


aeruginosa was cultured on nutrient agar containing different antibiotics,the growth and pigment ofbacterial colonies were treated. Azithromycin killed the bacteria on low concentration,colonies of P. aeruginosatreated with Ampicillin,Amoxycillin,and Cefixime appeared light green .Cephalexin and Azithromycin led toformation of light green-yellow colonies,while Doxycillin ,and Clindamycin appeared green ,but there was slightchange in colonies color.The pigment(pyocyanin) was extracted from the untreated cells of bacteria and its effect as antibiotic used againstmany different pathogenic bacteria have been studied,the pigment inhibited E. coli, Acinetobacter,Staphylococcusauraus ,and Streptococcus pneumoniae but not Klebsiella pneumoniae ,and Proteus vulgaris