Study the Effect of Thermal Treatment and Variation of CdS Thickness on Structural Properties of CdS/CdTe Heterojunction


A polycrystalline CdS/CdTe heterojunction prepared by thermal evaporation technique atsubstrate temperature of 373 K and heat treatment for annealing temperature 573 K for different durationtimes of annealing (ta) 60 and 120 min. under vacuum of (10-5) mbar and different thicknesses of CdSlayer of about 1000Å, 1500Å and 2000Å. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique shows polycrystallinestructure and had a mixture of cubic and hexagonal structure.The recrystallization of films enhancedthermally represented by increasing the grain size. The CdS/CdTe heterojunction with the higher thicknessof CdS layer shows better crystal structure