The indications of surgical management of asymptomatic unilateral unilocular ovarian cysts in non-menopausal women


This study is a prospective study we follow - up (284) patients with a symptomatic unilateral , unilocular , ovarian cyst sized (3-8 ) cm in diameterc in non menopausal women . The results were spoutaneous regression after observation of two menstrual cycles , in (64.4) % of cases , with or ithout the use of oral contraceptives . The percentage of regression varied in versely with the size of adnexal mass , the persisted ones were (35.6) % they removed surgically and all were found benign in nature , the surgery was Laprotomy in 67 % and Laproscopy in 33 % In conclusion there is no harm in observation for a period of two menstrual cycles of a symptomatic unilocular ovarian cyst with a nechoic pattern and no sign of malignancg in non – menopausal women as there is (64.4) % spontaneous regression without the need of surgery.