The agricultural sector within the general budget for 2010


Comes the agricultural sector at the forefront of the vital sectors affecting significantly the outputs and inputs of the economy, this sector has gone through a variety of sometimes be positive and negative shows the vulnerability of this sector in the provision of the requirements of food security which has become a factor Aastrutejia in the stability of society and to achieve social and economic welfare. Have been affected by the role of agriculture in the economy during the past decades, largely through twice as much devoted to this sector of the money compared to other expenses allocated to other sectors. The question at hand is feasible that these customizations? Do you sense that any deficiencies in the counting of the advancement in the agricultural sector is linked to agricultural policies pursued by the ministry? Or is it that these allocations are insufficient and non-classified and distributed correctly on the branches of the agricultural sector? Through the research paper is clear that the deficiencies in the agricultural policies pursued by this ministry as well as the budget allocations, and have had little or not enough they are not broken down and classified correctly on the branches of the agricultural sector