Behavior of some N-Substituted Phthalimides Derivatives as Plant Growth Regulators in the Initiation and Regeneration of Lettuce Lactuca sativa L. Callus


The effect of twoi synthet phthailmides derivative compounds on the response of Lettuce seedling stem explants with single node was studied by addition to MS medium alone or with 3×10-6 M Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) or with 4×10-6 M Benzyl adenine (BA).The results indicated that the addition of 10-4 M of N-2(2-hydroxy phenyl) phthalimide compound (A) N-2-(2-carboxy phenyl) phthalimide compound (B) alone to MS solid medium increased the regeneration of shoots from seedling stem segments containing single node. However, addition of 10-8M of both compounds enhanced root formation. results showed that callus induced when 10-6 M of compound A added to MS medium . Addition of 10-4 M and 10-6 M of both compounds A and B separately with the presence of 3×10-6 M NAA encouraged callus formation as in the standard medium, callus fresh weight was 23.30g and 23.06 g in the medium contains 10-8M of compound A or B with 4×10-6M BA respectively compared with 18.73g for the callus grown on standard medium after 60 days of growth. Whereas the fresh weight of callus grown on MS medium with addition of compound A or B alone reached 21.45g and 18.86 g respectively. addition of compound A and B separately with 4×10-6 M of BA enhanced shoot differentiation without formation of roots and from all the concentrations used 10-4 M of compound A was the best.