The Role of Knowledge Transfer Processes in Reducing Knowledge Gap: A Pilot Study for Opinions of Doctors in Some of Nineveh Governorate Hospitals


Knowledge is considered to be an existence able to increase and grow by using and participating in it. This increase happens through interact different types of knowledge among individuals within the same work group, among several groups within the same department, among departments themselves and then among organization with the others. Therefore; the principal aim of knowledge processes transferring is to make knowledge available for all workers in the organization and to benefit from it in building knowledgeable competitive feature. Thus, this research tries to unveil the processes of knowledge transferring in reducing the knowledge gap. It has analyzed the connection relations and its affect upon processes of knowledge transferring in reducing knowledge gap to reach the results. On the light of the findings, a group of conclusions has been reached; one of the important conclusions is that knowledge processes transferring have been considered one of the recent approaches which tries to obtain successful transferring of knowledge among individuals working in organizations. It also indicates that there is a connection relation and strong positive abstract affect on the processes of knowledge transferring in reducing knowledgeable gap. According to the above mentioned conclusions a group of suggestions which can be adopted by hospitals under research has been formulated. The aim is to improve the processes of knowledge transferring to reduce the knowledge gaps in it.