Diagnosis of Fire Simple R.C Building Members Damages By Using Expert System


During the last four decades, incidence of failure of reinforced concrete structureshas been seen widely for many reasons, such as increasing service loads ,waraccidents, fire and/or durability problems and the economic losses due to such failuresare costly. Nowadays, the size and the form of repair and rehabilitation market are toolarge since there has been an increased emphasis on repair and retrofitting of defectedstructures over demolition and new construction. An expert system is an interactivecomputer-based decision tool that uses both facts and heuristics to solve difficultdecision problems based on knowledge acquired from an expert. To realize theserequirements, a logic programming Prolog language was utilized together withdiagnosis technology. The logic programming language formalizes the domainknowledge. The expert system Diagnosis of Fire Simple R.C Building MembersDamages (DFSRCMD) developed in this paper is a diagnostic advisory system, whichcan be used as an alternative to the human expert, to give technical decisions indiagnosing fire damages in R.C. structural elements: beams, columns and slabs.