Mgarnabed physical capacities of the games (volleyball, handball, basketball


Turning the researcher to the importance of physical abilities of the players team sports (volleyball, handball, basketball), and the importance of research were focusing on identifying the precise differences in the relative capabilities of the physical with the players of those games and then compare them to those variables, the research problem lies in knowing the differences in terms of similarities and differences between the players of team sports in terms of physical abilities. The aim of the research to identify some of the physical capacity for (volleyball, handball, basketball) and compare the players of teams of College of Physical Education - University of Anbar. The researcher used the descriptive method style (comparative study) was chosen as the research community intentional for the academic year 2010-2011. The sample of research (30) players have been selected intentional and by (10) players for each game and capabilities are (explosive power of the muscles of the legs, the force deals as soon as the muscles of the arms, Mtaulh speed, Mtaulh force deals fast) The most important conclusions was, more than the volleyball players in the test (explosive power of the muscles of the legs and the power of the arms deals as fast), the players, handball and basketball