A new achromatic glass for near infrared laser instruments


Abstract: This research investigates new glasses which are best suitable for design of optical systemsworking in the infrared region between 1.01 to 2.3μm. This work is extended to Oliva & Gennari(1995,1998) research in which they found that the best known achromatic pairs are (BAF2-IRG2; SRF2-IRG3; BAF2-IRG7; CAF2-IRGN6; BAF2-SF56A and BAF2-SF6). Schott will most probably stop theproduction of these very little used and commercially uninteresting IRG glasses. In this work equallygood performances can be obtained by coupling BAF2, SRF2&CAF2 with standard glasses from Schottor Ohara Company. The best new achromatic pairs found are (SRF2-S-TIH10; CAF2-S-LAL9; CAF2-SLAL13and CAF2-S-BAH27). These new achromatic pairs are analyzed by using ZEMAX ray tracingprogram to design and analyze the same F/2 camera used by Oliva and for the same near infrared region(1.01-2.3μm). The results show that these pairs of glass have good performance in infrared designapplications.