Use Of Bentonite Clay As A Coagulant Or A Coagulant Aid With Ferrous Sulfate For Synthetic Turbidity Removal


AbstractIn this study the bentonite clay has been used as a coagulant and coagulant aid with ferrous sulfate in turbidity removal for different initial synthetic turbidity of Tigris River samples of (10- 500) ntu, The study revealed the efficiency of using bentonite clay as a coagulant alone in removing turbidity with a dose not more than 30 mg/l, Also the study reveled the improvement of ferrous sulfate efficiency for removing water turbidity when bentonite clay used with it in a dose of 7.5 mg/l of bentonite and 5 mg/l of ferrous sulfate. The regression analysis showed that the most important variables affecting on turbidity removal were initial turbidity followed by settling time and bentonite clay dose then finally ferrous sulfate dose. Key Words: Ferrous Sulfate, Iron Salts, Bentonite Clay, Coagulation, flocculation, Coagulant aids, Turbidity removal, Water Supply