The impact of the oil factor in American politics About the Middle East


Despite the launch of naming the Middle East Group of the eastern Mediterranean, but it was and is still the focus of interest in the advanced industrial countries, and that was initially to its strategic location, it was used as a conduit for goods the British towards its colonies in the East, especially towards India. With the discovery of crude oil brought in large quantities and is another dimension to the focus of international attention, as it has the largest oil reserves in the world at the present time.After ascertaining the Western countries, particularly Britain, France and the United States there are huge oil reserves in the countries of the Middle East region, especially after World War II and during the period of the Cold War (1945 1991) and There escalated competition between the Western allies. Having taken the United States undertook to expand towards the consolidation of political and economic relations with the countries of the Middle East in order to contain the oil fields and securing supplies to the West and in particular it has become since 1947 to import oil from abroad, and escalated amounts consumed gradually until it became the first consumer of oil in the world in time present.