The effect of dental educational level in adults (18–25 years old) with crowded teeth on the plaque and gingival conditions


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the relationbetween crowding, plaque and gingival conditions accordingto the level of dental education of the Iraqi adults.The sample was divided primarily into two groups: Thefirst group was collected from dental students whom dentallywell educated, while the second group was collected fromother population whom dentally non educated (industrialist).Each group was subdivided into two groups according to thepresence or absence of crowding, so that four groups wereobtained (educated participants with non crowded teeth, educatedpersons with crowded teeth, non educated participantswith non crowded teeth and non educated participants withcrowded teeth).The results of this study indicated that the dental educationallevel is positively affecting on the gingival health in bothcrowded and normal occlusion. However, regardless of thelevel of education, plaque accumulation and gingivitis are significantlyhigher in the crowded teeth sample.