Occurrence of Entamoeba gingivilis in patient with chronic periodtonitis


Recent studies have pointed the importance of Entamoeba gingivalis (E .gingivalis) as an active protozoa in periodontal pathology , its presence associated withthe presence of pathological pockets , thus a clinical survey of E, gingivalis wasconducted in patients with chronic periodontitis . A total of 240 specimens were takenHom 48 patients (20 male and 28 female) , their age ranged from 38 up to 60 years old .A direct smearing technique of deepest periodontal pocket (> 4mm) with a sterileuniversal curettes to pickup the plaque material and to be placed in phosphate — buffered `saline pl-{7.4, then stained with Heidenhair hematoxilyne modified technique, studiedunder light microscope , the results shown 33.3% of our patients were positive .The occurrence of E. gingivalis appeared positively correlated with the pocketdepth, 13.93% of 4-6mm pockets depth was positive, while in pockets of 7-8mm depththe percentage rises up to 38% .