Abstract: The study showed that when the water diversion dams which equal to 252417000 m3/year when the amount of rain falling annually 130/mm to septic ground covered with concrete we can cultivation 394401 d. of wheat or 781476 d. of barley / year or irrigate 56927600 Olive trees or 74 022580 Grape Trees, or the establishment of 45903a fields of poultry produces 459030000 birds / Year, or 334 Cows station, each containing 500 cows to the overall annual production capacity of 609550 tons of milk, while in building an integrated farms, it can bee set up 48199 farms ,each farm is run by a family of 5 members each farm so that it contains 50 Fruit trees and 10 d. of crops with 50 head of sheep and 2 cows, and these farms are scattered around the dams in the 144 residential complexes, and each complex compound 333 farm (family) and dairy plant receives 5 tons / day, while the number of employees is 240995 people. in addition to the plants can be established to invest the available mineral resources in this desert as cement factories, bricks, glass, gypsum and some food factories and when integrated farms(48199 farm) productionis estimated by: 1-240995 tons/year of wheat2-301243.75 tons/year of barley 3-7832.33 tons/year of olive = 939.88 tons/year of olive oil 4-5422.38 tons/year Grapes 5-48199 born of cows /year6-1204975 born of sheep/year 7-351852.7 tons of Milk/year 8-2409.95 tons of wool/year Assuming the passage of 5 years of drought, this water sufficient for: 1-cultivation 78880.2 d. of wheat 2-cultivation 156295.2 d. of barley 3-irrigate 11385520 olive trees 4-irrigate 14804516 Grape Trees 5-establishment 9180 a field of poultry birds produced91800000 birds/year 6-establishment 66 station of cows where each station contains 500 cows, the total of producing = 120450 tons of milk / year. In terms of economic feasibility was the highest return on investment for poultry farms, a mounting to 69%, followed by fields of cattle , as was 43% , then the cultivation of wheat , which reached 32% , and is fourth place comes as barley cultivation was 21% ,The olive groves , vineyards and farms has been integrated with the user-profit less than 1, it is not economically feasible.