The human resources and work force in Al-Anbar governorate ( Analytical study period 1997- 2003)


The human resources are considered the most important resources of wealth in any country regardless of the degree of its urban development and economic growth. They have a prominent role in any activity, in that they directly affect the developmental attitude and the application or commence of developmental plans. This effect comes through the numbers of laborers and their types. Thus, they became the subject of a vast number of researchers with all different specializations. The contribution of the economists in the study of human resources and labors is implied in the exploration of population number and labors, the change and differentiation of their characteristics in time and place and their direct effect on the economic activity . so, the study aims at knowing the statistics of population and labors in Al-Anbar governorate for the period 1997- 2003 and explaining the differentiation among labors of the major administrative units level and the minor ones of the whole economic activities It is hypothesized that the clear differentiation in the distribution of population and labors in the different provinces and regions of the governorate. The researcher reaches number of conclusions and recommendations. Finally, it is of significance to say that Al-Anbar governorate lacks the studies which tackle the number of population, in general, and the labors specifically . This study are depended upon the statistical of population in 1997 .