Management of scrap production and controlling from cost accounting point of view Practical studying in General company of Battery manufacturing


Factories face many managerial problems that is because their size of production units which diver –gation of their product which quested the complexity of control this explain the need of cost Accountant which considered the main resource of in formation and data and control management that supply all management level in exaet time to allow all unit to do all their jobs probably and efficiently. As an example of this data is that concerned with production scrap for the effect of this scrap on the cost production inspite of the importance of its need but the highness of cost from the standard quantity allowing to inevease the general cost production under manufacturing and increase the level of profit and decrease of production cost of company weight decrease so it must be distreet production scrap value the first step treatment production scrap exactly by district scrap quantity in weight or by numbered or any another way and reportes or state ment by preparing exact cost comparison with its real restricted by weight or standard cost this step help in measuring the level of performance in addition of the try of cheat to avoid stealliny most in industrial company have special account in scrap, The second step is the treating it by accounting ;but the question her when the treating occure? -is it by discover the serap or by buying it when the companies be sure of production cost accounting right way according to request of Battery Manufacturing of general company in treating scrap problems in it which it suffering before events occure on dearly loved country ;So this research set up just for sources depend on treating scrap production which has large effect on cost production ;