Determination of Chloramphenicol from pure and pharmaceutical preparations using FIA- Spectrophotometric methods


AbstractFlow injection spectrophtometric method was described for the trace determination of chloramphenicol. This method depends upon the reduction of the nitro group of the chloramphenicol to the amino group using Zn- reductor mini-column, then diazotization of the amino group with nitrous acid and coupling with 8-hydroxyquinoline in alkaline medium to give an intense water soluble and stable azo dye with a maximum absorption obtained at a wavelength of 485 nm. The linear calibration curve was applied in the range of (0.5- 50 μg ml-1). The relative standard deviation was estimated as ≤ 1.4% for (30 μg ml-1) chloramphenicol solution of 10 successive injections. This method was found to be easy, simple, reproducible, high precession and very sensitive for the determination of chloramphenicol in pure form and in pharmaceutical preparations comparing with British pharmacopoeia method.