Periodontal treatment needs of type 2 diabetic Iraqi patients


AbstractPeriodontitis is a persistent bacterial infection causing chronic inflammation inperiodontal tissues. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) is a common metabolic diseasethat is associated with increased prevalence and severity of periodontitis.Our aim is to evaluate periodontal treatment needs of type 2 diabetic Iraqi patientsaccording to the age and the duration of DM.One hundred and seventy one type 2 diabetic Iraqi patients were enrolled in thisstudy. Recording of gender, age, and duration of DM was done. Periodontalexamination to evaluate treatment needs (TN) was performed by using communityperiodontal index of treatment needs (CPITN), Scoring for each patient was done bydividing his mouth into six sextants.CPITN showed a variation in the distribution of the patients according to age. Inthe age category (30-39) years; code 0 and code 1 represented 23.6 % and 59.8 % ofthe sextants respectively. Concerning treatment needs, only 11.8 % of patients did notneed any treatment (TN 0). In the age category (40-49) years; code 1 was the mostfrequent code and represented 61.5% of the sextants . All patients in this age categoryneed a sort of treatment . In the age categories (50-59) years and (60-69) years; code 3represented 21.8% and 30.6% of the sextants respectively and TN3 represented 50%and 49.2% of the patients respectively. In this study, when the duration of DM is 1-5years, code 3 represented only 13.6% of the sextants and periodontal treatment needsTN3 was 26.3% of patients while code 3 reached 26% of the sextants and TN3represented 52.7% of the patients when the duration of DM was > 5 years.In conclusion periodontal treatment needs of type 2 diabetic patients became morecomplicated if the patients were older and the duration of DM was longer.