Evaluation of clinical education among students of Nursing College in Babylon University


Abstract:Nursing College in the University of Babylon. The sample consisted of (30) students from both sexes and from the 2nd and 4th year. The instruments used included a questionnaire to identify the way of evaluation and the purposes of the study. The main results shows the sample mean for the evaluation of the clinical education was (89.1), standard deviation (4.8) while the hypothetical average was (68) with t-test of (7.9) which indicates strong significant results that means students benefit from the clinical learning was very good and the clinical part of the learning process is very interested. The primary objective of measuring clinical performance in nursing education is to ensure students can provide safe care. The main recommendations included more studies should be conducted to include bigger sample from all the colleges of Nursing in lraq.Keywords: clinical education, clinical performance, nursing education programs