Adsorption of Mercury Ion From Aqueous Solutions Onto Bentonite Clay


In this research, the bentonite clay was utilized for the removal of mercury ion from aqueous solutions. Adsorption experiments were conducted under various conditions where the batch method was used to determine the best adsorption ratio and the adsorption capacity for the concentration used of Hg(II) ion between (100-10 mg/L), the results show that the best concentration was (10 mg/L) where the adsorption ratio was 88.7 and the adsorption capacity was 0.444 mg/g. The adsorbent dose was 20 g/L, and the shaking time found that it equal to 140 min and the best pH value between (5-8). The effect of temperature and thermodynamic functions wear also studied, the adsorption capacity was increased with increased the temperature and the reaction was endothermic. The equilibrium isotherm data was analyzed using the Langmuir equation, where found qm and b are equal to 3.367 mg/g and 0.134 respectively. The rate constant k2 for the adsorption of Hg(II) ion is equal to 0.1067 g/mg.min