Study of Hardness ,Wear and Corrosion Resistance of ZrO2 Ceramic Coats Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method


In the present work pure and doped ZrO with (Al and Co 5wt%) thin film hasbeen deposited on stainless steel 304 substrates by spray pyrolysis technique .The filmmicrohardness, wear resistance, and the corrosion at different acids and alkaline arestudied . The results are proved that the microhardness and wear resistance wereimproved after doping specially with (Co).The microhardness of the films has beenimproved from( 927 Kg/mm2 ) for pure ZrO22film to(1095 Kg/mm2) 5 wt% of Co .Wear resistance has been improved from (10*10-10 g/cm 10) for pure ZrO g/cm ) after doping with Co. Loss of weight by corrosion was decreased after coating and doping . 2to (3.79 *10